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Pricing Structure

How do we establish a price when quoting your vehicle?

When assessing a vehicle a technician will look at 3 to 4 different factors and combine these to arrive at a suitable price for the damage.

These factors are;


Dents size and complexity

No two dents are the same, ranging vastly in Size and Complexity..  As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the dent the lower the price.  Same rule applies to the complexity of the dent. The sharper/deeper the dent equals higher repair cost.


Metal type

Steel is more commonly used in automotive production, simpler to fix and therefore is cheaper to repair

Aluminium panels require more skill as this metal performs differently under the stress of repairs, requiring more time and focus which adds to the cost


Accessibility & Location

These factors have to do with where the damage is on the panel and how easy it is to reach the damage with the appropriate tool needed to repair it.

Accessibility refers to the ease to which a tool can be used to reach the underside of a panel. The more obstructions such as, internal bracing in the way of reaching the damage, are in place the more time and effort is needed and thus higher cost

Location of damage has a bearing on the physical effort that is needed in the way of applied force to lever the tool to shift the damage. The further away a dent is from the access point the more force is needed to correctly repair the damage. The general rule of thumb with a higher applied force is that applied force is inversely proportional to accuracy, in other words, the higher the force applied the harder it is to stabilize a tool which requires more time in turn a higher cost.


Remove and Replace (R&R)

R&R refers to removal of inner trims and/or entire exterior panels to provide easier access to damage

This is especially a factor when repairing hail damaged vehicles and/or roof damage and can play a role in certain cases of severe side panel damage.